Deep Tissue Medical Massage– Kim has experience in various techniques, such as Neuromuscular, Ortho-Bionomy, Positional Release, Travell Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage and Reiki Therapy. Her Deep Tissue work incorporates all of these different techniques; she flows through various techniques needed in order to relieve tension, lessen pain, and restore greater range of motion and balance to one’s body. Kim’s fingers are highly sensitive to soft tissue issues and works hard to find the source of spasm or imbalance. Her ability to palpate soft tissue sets her apart from other massage therapists.

Energy Healing– Like Deep Tissue, Kim Pham utilizes many different forms of Energetic Healing such as Reiki Therapy, Aromatherapy (using Young Living Essential Oils), and Crystal Healing (using various precious stones and crystals to raise one’s vibration according to one’s goals), to help release physical illness and emotional or mental disorders. Use Energy Healing to stop the onset of mental or emotional illness as soon as it begins or to relieve stress. Kim has had her Level III, Master Level Reiki certification, since 2002.

Prenatal Massage– is great for any stage of pregnancy. Kim’s massage will help the expecting mother to adjust to her new body and sometimes uncomfortable role.  This massage will not only reduce pain and swelling in the legs and low back due to increased fluid volume and the change in center of gravity, but will also help to calm her pregnancy jitters.

Postnatal Massage– After giving birth, huge shifts occur in a woman’s body. Things just don’t go “back” naturally. Sometimes she needs help re-adjusting to the new changes that have occurred abruptly. Postnatal massage will help put “things back to normal” and re-create balance within her body. It will also ease the “post-traumatic stress” from labor and delivery.

On-Site Chair Massage– Some businesses regularly treat their employees to 10 to 20 minute chair massages during crunch time or employee appreciation week. Kim is available by special arrangement to travel to a local business with her massage chair and music to perform short massages for employees or clients.



Gift Certificates are available at all times.  Give the gift of relaxation or deep tissue therapy for birthdays and holidays to your friends and family.  It is truly an investment in their health and well-being.
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