Welcome to Intuitive Touch Massage Therapy, Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  Kim Pham has been a massage therapist in the Cincinnati area since 1997. She fixes problems and has experience in various modalities of soft tissue manipulation. Each time a client comes in Kim always asks, “if there is anything bothering you today?” It doesn’t matter if it’s their first time or their fiftieth time. Each massage is different, even on the same body. Everyone is different and his or her needs change from time to time. Kim really listens to her fingers. She pays attention to the pattern of tightness and pain and strives to increase range of motion and create balance in the client’s body and mind

The video below is a channel nine news report that was done in 2009 featuring Intuitive Touch massage. It runs 3:25.

Intuitive Touch Massage Therapy was recently named Best Massage by Cincinnati A-List Voters – INFO HERE

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Gift Certificates are available at all times.  Give the gift of relaxation or deep tissue therapy for birthdays and holidays to your friends and family.  It is truly an investment in their health and well-being.
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