It is now September and I have yet to write about my summer. Well, it has been a wonderful summer for me. I was able to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I made my second visit to the famous 10,000 Waves. 10,000 Waves is a Japanese spa nestled in the mountains of New Mexico. I have to give credit to the Japanese to make bathing so divine! I was able to spend an hour and half in private bath (hot tub) and cold plunge. The hot tub is outdoors, where you can see the stars and feel the cool fresh air. The idea is to heat up your body to 104 degree Fahrenheit, then run over to the cold plunge, dip your body into 40 degree Fahrenheit. You do this as many times as you can possibly stand. You may have to take a break in between dips, because the drastic change of temperatures give you a real head rush. But by the third or fourth time, your body is surrendering to the deepest relaxation that no massage can achieve. Then, it’s time to head to the Relaxation Room. In this room, you lay down on an individual mat, rest your head, and put on your own head phones to hear soothing New Age music. That is the icing on the cake! The best date night that I’ve had! It is truly a wonderful experience to completely relax with your spouse. I highly recommend it!